Damian Ravencroft - Aspirant

Station: MASTER

Faction(s): ARCANISTS

Keyword(s): WITNESS

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Q. If an enemy model controls a Witness model in Damian, Aspirant’s crew, is the controlling player able to utilize Witness the In-Between to have the obeyed model discard cards from the Damian Player’s Configuration?
A. Yes, unless Damian himself is somehow being controlled. The enemy-controlled model is still considered a model friendly to Damian, and since Damian is friendly-controlled, “your Configuration” would still refer to his owner’s Configuration. If Damian were enemy-controlled, “your Configuration” would refer to the opposing Crew’s Configuration. Likewise, the Prioritize Trigger would be read from the perspective of the controller and could not be used to draw a card from the opponent’s Configuration. However, since the Configuration is a Crew Upgrade and controlling a model does not change ownership of that model, an Obeyed Witness model would still benefit from its owner’s Conduit Ability.