Latest Tacticas
Submitted By Woofbun
This guide contains basic information on Lucas McCabe, hired into Explorers Society, a few key tips on what his keyword models do, and how to prioritize your upgrades.
Submitted By Anonymous
Perdita is a master with some really interesting in keyword abilities, a real hunger for cards, and a keyword who would kill for a defensive ability. They are the exemplars of how a 2/4/5 gun with inconsistent triggers can do either a ton of damage or completely fail you. They will reward positioning and a favorable matchup.
Submitted By Anonymous
Nellie Cochrane is a speed and debuff control master. She is more durable than most guild masters, thanks to a healthy number of wounds, 6/6 resist stats, a squeal and a reliable heal. She has a crew that looks like it is going to rely on a bubble and a lot of in keyword synergies, but it turns out that while she can play with that, she can also play with the guild all stars, and in fact really likes doing so.
Submitted By Cody Hiatt
Draft rules for using chess clocks at Malifaux tournaments. This is a community project in no way endorsed by Wyrd. The goal is to develop better rules for resolving unfinished games as opposed to just considering the game finished at the end of the round. If your community has issues with game completion, try this rule-set, change it, and develop specifics that fit your community's needs.
Submitted By Jim "Diceman87" Dyson
This is an overview of the Plague keyword, with some sample lists provided. Future guides will go more in depth on each model in the keyword (including their Abilities, Actions and what their typical Activations look like)