New Player
Malifaux University
Malifaux University is a distance learning series of videos designed to help players new to the game of Malifaux learn how to play. Sharing the college class naming convention, subjects are broken up into 100, 200, 300 series and more to help players find what they need and build upon their understanding as they go.
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How to Play: Malifaux
Tom guides you through how to play the exciting steampunk skirmish game, Malifaux, by Wyrd Games.
What You Will Need & What Makes Malifaux Special
This overview of Malifaux explains what a new player will need in order to play and what makes Malifaux distinct from other miniature warfare games.
Models and Stat Cards
This video explains Malifaux models and their stat cards.
Fate Deck, Control Hand, and Discard Pile
This video explains where you keep your cards and the rules that apply to them.
Using the Cards and Modifiers
This video explains essential terms related to card use and how Fate Modifiers work.
Cheating Fate
This video explains the fundamental rules of Cheating Fate in Malifaux.
This video explains the rules surrounding the Black and Red Jokers in Malifaux.
Measuring Distance
This video explains how to measure distance in Malifaux.
This video explains the rules and terms related to Movement in Malifaux.
Line of Sight
This video explains the basic rules of drawing line of sight between two models.
Using Soulstones
This video explains the timing and rules surrounding the use of Soulstones.
This video explains Scheme Markers, Corpse & Scrap Markers, and other Markers needed to play Malifaux.
Tokens and Pass Tokens
This video explains how to use Tokens and Pass Tokens in Malifaux.
This video explains Conditions and actions affecting Conditions in Malifaux.
Engagement & Disengaging
This video explains how Engagement works, how it affects your models, and how to get out of it in Malifaux.
Friendly Fire
This video explains the rules surrounding the Friendly Fire penalty in Malifaux.
Hiring Crews in Malifaux Third Edition
Join us as we cover the process, rules and restrictions for hiring crews in Malifaux 3rd edition. A great overview for 2e veterans and those new to Malifaux. We go over the steps as well as give some tips to consider as you put your list together.
What Faction Matches your Play Style?
Join Craig and Ray as they break down each faction and master in Malifaux 3rd edition based on different play styles. Are you looking for simple or complex crews? Killy or control? What factions and masters are the most fun? Where do you go for high-mobility crews? They will help you match your preferred play style to the right faction and masters. This is a great episode to share with friends that are new to Malifaux or Third Edition.
Playing Malifaux Online
Join Craig as his guests, Dan Brown and Steve Johnston, discuss how anyone can play Malifaux online with anyone in the world. They explain how to install and run Vassal, how to find a game and some of the key features of the program. Vassal is a way to get in more games and play people outside your meta. Stick around to the end when we discuss some of the hot topics that came out of the English GT.
Pregame Planning
Learn how Craig decides on what crew to take (based on the pool), what schemes to select, and coming up with the best path to victory. He talks through preparation for an upcoming match.