Articles & Blogs
Bayou Breakdown
The Bayou Breakdown is a blog about Malifaux where we discuss the game in weekly articles and more. So come on in, pull up a chair. have some hooch and dont mind the sound of banjos.
Rage Quit Wire
Pete and Chris started the Rage Quit Wire Podcast to discuss tabletop games, but with a twist. The guys were tired of listening to the same boring podcasts talking about the same boring topics. They wanted to create a podcast that shared the rage! Pete and Chris started the podcast with a hand-held recorder, and they have worked their way up to a semi-legit podcast!

Have you ever thought that a model was broken? Have the dice gods ever betrayed you? Have you ever been cheated by an opponent? Then this is the Podcast for you!
Schemes & Stones
"A podcast dedicated to discussing the ins and outs of Malifaux, for new and veteran player alike."