Capital City Crew Podcast
Information and in depth tactical reviews of Malifaux crews.
El Sótano del Honeypot
Spanish language podcast about Malifaux, The Other Side, and Through the Breach from Wyrd Miniatures
Rage Quit Wire
Pete and Chris started the Rage Quit Wire Podcast to discuss tabletop games, but with a twist. The guys were tired of listening to the same boring podcasts talking about the same boring topics. They wanted to create a podcast that shared the rage! Pete and Chris started the podcast with a hand-held recorder, and they have worked their way up to a semi-legit podcast!

Have you ever thought that a model was broken? Have the dice gods ever betrayed you? Have you ever been cheated by an opponent? Then this is the Podcast for you!
Schemes & Stones
"A podcast dedicated to discussing the ins and outs of Malifaux, for new and veteran player alike."
Discussion of tabletop miniatures games, focusing on playing Malifaux competitively.
The Brewmasters Table
"The Regulars" - a group of table top enthusiasts living in London - discuss Malifaux and The Other Side by Wyrd Games, as well as any other tabletop gaming related issues that may arise. The conversation may be fuelled by a few alcoholic beverages.

There may be occasional strong language. Please drink responsibly.
The Harl'e'faux Show
A podcast dedicated to all things Malifaux!!
The Other Coast Podcast
We’re happy to introduce The Other Coast, a podcast dedicated to the musings and misadventures of the Los Angeles Malifaux meta. Our goal is to provide a Southern California voice to the wider Wyrd discussion. Whether you’re a veteran soulstone hunter, or just newly through the Breach, we hope you’ll find our content interesting and entertaining!
Third Floor Wars
"Your multimedia source for tabletop gaming battle reports, podcasts, pro-painting tutorials, reviews, in-depth tactical articles and more!"