Harrison Frodsham


Faction(s): ARCANISTS

Keyword(s): WATCHMEN

Characteristic(s): LIVING VERSATILE

Errata History
° A Cog in Its Place Ability now only Pushes friendly models, only resolves after a player uses a Pass Token to skip an Activation, and gives a Pass Token to both players instead of just one.
° Time Moves Forward Ability is now
° Isochronism Ability changed to, “Once per Activation. After another model within a6 gains a non-Fast Condition, this model may gain that same Condition (at the same value, if any).”
° Spycraft Action no longer forces the opponent to discard cards or Pass Tokens.
° Uncanny Valley Trigger simplified to, “Place this model into base contact with a friendly Harris J-5.”
° Let’s Fix That For You Action no longer gives Focused to Watchmen, can now draw range and LoS from any friendly Watchmen model, and gained the Preparations Trigger. -July 2023
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