This character is a spoiler and not officially released yet. It is subject to change upon official release.
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Lord Cooper - Huntmaster



Keyword(s): APEX

Characteristic(s): CONSTRUCT

Q. Stealth – If a model is drawing LoS through another object to target a model with Stealth (via another Ability such as Zoraida’s Eyes in the Night), does the initial model taking the Action need to be within 6" of the target?
A. No. Only the object from which LoS is drawn needs to be within 6" of the targeted model with Stealth. This applies even if the Action itself would normally ignore range. Note: Stealth has no effect while a model is Buried.
Q. If a Trigger allows a model to take an Action instead of the Action’s normal effects (such as Marcus’s Hunter’s Call Trigger or Will of Cadmus’ Aggressive Control Trigger), can that Action declare Triggers?*
A. No. If an Action is generated by a Trigger, it cannot declare Triggers (Pg 12 Actions Generated by Triggers), even those Actions generated instead of the Action’s normal effects.