Pale Rider


Faction(s): THE GUILD

Keyword(s): HORSEMAN

Characteristic(s): UNDEAD VERSATILE

Errata History
Diminished Pain reworded for grammar.
Hatred Unleashed and Devastation switched Trigger costs.
Devastation trigger changed to: “Enemy models within range suffer 2 irreducible damage and gain Burning +1.”
Hatred Unleashed trigger changed to: “Each friendly model within range may take a
Action or the Charge Action.” -Gaining Grounds 1
Q. Gunfighter - When treating a
Action as having a range of
1", is the Action still treated as a (
) Action?
A. No. The entire range of the Action changes from
X" to
Q. Gunfighter - Can a model with Gunfighter use one of its
Shockwave Actions as a
A. Yes. Gunfighter can be used to treat
Shockwave Actions as
Actions, in which case all Shockwave Markers must be Dropped within 1" of the model taking the Action. If the Shockwave Action is being generated as a result of the Disengage Action the normal effects of the Action, such as damage and Triggers, are ignored (as usual) and the opposing model resists the Action with the Stat listed in the Shockwave; such as Mv for the Throw Dynamite Action.
Tokens & Markers
Cultural Connections
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are four beings described in the New Testament's Book of Revelation.