Prof. Von Schtook

Station: MASTER



Characteristic(s): LIVING

Errata History
Gruesome Lecture Weak Damage changed from 2
to 2.
Positive Results changed to: “Friendly Minion only. Remove a Scheme Marker within 2" of the target. Target gains Fast.”
Peer Review stat decreased from 6 to 5 and TN increased from 12
to 14
True Disappointment changed to “Target suffers damage equal to the value of one ended Condition (to a maximum of 3).”
Administrative Review removed “this model may” text.
Academic Broadcast changed to: “Once per Turn. Friendly Transmortis models within range may either gain Focused +1 or Move up to 2".”
Surge Trigger removed.
Recruitment Drive gain a range of
10. -Gaining Grounds 2