Sonnia Criid

Station: MASTER

Faction(s): THE GUILD

Keyword(s): WITCH HUNTER

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Q. Sonnia Criid - Does Incorporeal reduce damage from Sonnia’s Scorched the Soul Action?
A. Yes. The damage from Scorch the Soul is both from the Burning Condition and from an Attack Action. Any modifiers from both sources affect the Action (such as Incorporeal and Flaming Body).
Q. What is the range of an Action in the context of the Smothering Flames Ability? If a model attempts to move a Lodestone Token with the Interact Action in the Corrupted Ley Lines Strategy while affected by Smothering Flames, which range is reduced: The 1" distance the model can target, or the 6" distance the Token can be moved?
A. “The range of their Actions” in the Smothering Flames Ability refers specifically to the Rg listed next to the Action’s name. In the case of moving a Lodestone Token, the Interact Action does not have a Rg, so Smothering Flames would not reduce the range of any effects listed in the Strategy