Undercover Reporter


Faction(s): THE GUILD

Keyword(s): JOURNALIST

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Q. Journalist - If a model takes the Interact Action while within 2” of a friendly model with Exclusive Interview, does it still count as an enemy model for the purposes of that model’s Chasing a Story Ability, if any?
A. Yes. Exclusive Interview makes the alignment of the model both friendly and enemy for the duration of the Interact Action, thus effects that resolve exclusively for enemies and for friendlies would both resolve (though the Action is still only considered enemy-controlled). If the model drops a Marker, it is friendly to the player controlling it.
Q. Undercover – If a model with the Undercover Ability is Buried, but the enemy crew has no remaining Minions, can the model Unbury in its Deployment Zone?
A. Yes