Von Schill

Station: MASTER

Faction(s): OUTCASTS

Keyword(s): FREIKORPS

Characteristic(s): CONSTRUCT LIVING

Q. Shouting Orders – Can a model use Shouting Orders to discard a card without taking the Concentrate Action?
A. Yes
Q. My Loyal Servant – Can the My Loyal Servant Trigger be used to Heal the target of an Action?
A. Yes
Q. If a model’s Slow or Stunned Condition are ended during its Activation, by an effect such as Shrug Off, do the effects last for the rest of the Activation?
A. No. If Slow is removed, the model’s Action limit is immediately increased back to its normal value and the model may continue its Activation as normal. If Stunned is removed the Bonus Actions it has already taken that Activation no longer count towards its Action limit.