Station: MASTER

Faction(s): BAYOU

Keyword(s): WIZZ-BANG

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Errata History
° Launch into Space Action adjusted to target any Marker.
° Wait What?! Trigger wording adjusted to clarify the
controller of the new Marker stays the same.
° Df Stat increased from 5 to 6.
° Counterspell Ability replaced with Three Demon Bag.
° Iron Fan Stat increased from 5 to 6.
° Fzzzzap! Action is no longer a z Action and only drops a
single Shockwave Marker.
° Fzzzzap! Stat changed from 6 to 6r.
° Severe Injury Trigger replaced with Cataclysm.
° Gained Protective Glow Trigger on The Glow. -February 2022
Q. If a Shockwave Action is centered on a model (from an effect such as Wong’s Uncontrollable Magic), does that model suffer the effects of the Shockwave?
A. No. In such cases, Shockwave Markers aren’t dropped and instead the Shockwave is generated as a
centered on the model, which (as per Pulses pg. 31) does not affect the object from which the
is centered.
Q. When taking a Shockwave Action, during what Step is the Shockwave Marker Dropped?
A. Step c of the Action – Targeting (pg 23). Some Triggers, such as Cataclysm, may Drop additional Shockwave Markers when resolving the Action. These markers are Dropped before resolving the effects of the Shockwave Action.