Bayou Breakdown
The Bayou Breakdown is a blog about Malifaux where we discuss the game in weekly articles and more. So come on in, pull up a chair. have some hooch and dont mind the sound of banjos.
Back for the Loot!
Fox reviews the new Som'er Teeth Jones - Loot Monger card!
Bottom of the Toolbox
Every faction has its top performers and Bayou is no exception. When people think Bayou models like Brin, Gracie, Lucky Emissary, Bokors, Rami and Merris come to mind because they are very well balanced for point cost and what they do. Their power levels and they aren't necessarily reliant on other models to function at maximum capacity. They are the All Stars in the Bayou, but we're not talking about them today. For this article I want to look at the top of the bottom. To quote Mystery Men "we're the other guys."
Budget Bayou
This week, let's talk to everyone looking to start playing in the swamps. In an ideal world, you'd want to buy all of the boxes that are out there, right? Well that isn't always possible so I'm going to try and break down the best boxes for starting Bayou and how to build on them to create good lists for games but not bust your wallet.