Station: MINION

Faction(s): NEVERBORN

Keyword(s): SAVAGE

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Q. Does Hard to Kill reduce the damage taken for the purposes of irreducible damage?
A. No. Hard to Kill prevents a model’s Health from being reduced and does not reduce damage.
Q. If a model would place an object “anywhere within range” of an Action, does it need to have LoS to that range?
A. Yes. The range of an Action includes LoS. The Sz of the object being Placed (or Dropped) “within range” is treated as Sz 0 for the purpose of determining if the model can Place that object in its LoS. The only exception to this is if a model is Placing itself, it does not need LoS. For example, Rasputina (Sz 2) could not take the Ice Pillars Action to Create an Ice Pillar (Ht 4) on the opposite side of a Ht 2 wall unless she can draw a sightline to the Created Ice Pillar that does not cross the wall. Similarly, if Euripides (Sz 4) takes the Rune-Etched Ice Action, he can only put the Created Ice Pillar (Ht 4) on the opposite side of a Ht 2 wall if the Marker is not in the wall’s shadow.
Tokens & Markers