This character is a spoiler and not officially released yet. It is subject to change upon official release. Check out the source for this Spoiler here: A Doomed Duo (Waldo's Weekly)

Host Ducat



Keyword(s): WASTREL DUA

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Q. If a model suffers damage from a Trigger, is that damage considered to also be from the Action that generated the Trigger?
A. Yes. Effects from Triggers are additional effects of the Action. Thus, Abilities such as Incorporeal that modify the effects of certain Actions would also modify the effects of their Triggers.
Q. Sonnia Criid - Does Incorporeal reduce damage from Sonnia’s Scorched the Soul Action?
A. Yes. The damage from Scorch the Soul is both from the Burning Condition and from an Attack Action. Any modifiers from both sources affect the Action (such as Incorporeal and Flaming Body).
Q. Hanged - If two Hanged are in an opposed duel and one (or both) flip or Cheat a Joker, how will their Forever Doomed Abilities resolve with each other?
A. The Active player resolves their Forever Doomed first, then the other player will resolve theirs. In such a case, if the Active player flips (or cheats) either Joker, it would be treated as the Black Joker and if the Defender would flip (or cheat) either Joker it would be treated as the Red Joker.