Lucas McCabe, Relic Hunter

Station: MASTER


Keyword(s): WASTREL

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Errata History
Bull Whip stat changed from 6
to 6 and now Pushes the target 1" instead of Pushing McCabe 2".
Health Reduced from 12 to 10.
“Careful, it’s Cursed!” may Attach the Artifact to McCabe but cannot target himself.
Gained Drag Along Trigger on Ride with Me.
Make Way! Replaced with Adventure Awaits!. -Gaining Grounds 2
Q. Are two Abilities that are prefaced by the same text (before parenthesis) the same Ability?
A. No. Abilities such as Demise (Eternal) and Demise (Dead Horse) are two separate Abilities and can both affect a model at a single time. There are some effects that specify Demise Abilities, which affect all abilities prefaced by Demise.
Q. Filthy SpearFilthy Spear states: “Target suffers 2/3/4 damage. Models damaged by this Action suffer +1 damage if this Action was generated by the Charge Action.” If a Kentauroi takes the Charge Action and uses Filthy Spear, would its Rear Up Trigger be increased to 3 damage?
A. No, this is an unintended interaction. Treat the Filthy Spear Action as if it were written, “If this Action was generated by the Charge Action, the target suffers 3/4/5 damage. Otherwise, the target suffers 2/3/4 damage.”