Station: MASTER

Faction(s): NEVERBORN

Keyword(s): NEPHILIM

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Q. The word “another” is used in Malifaux in many different contexts, and while it can be determined primarily through such context, is there a more clear definition to use for non-native English speaker?
A. “Another” should always be determined based on the context of the sentence first, but in the cases where that is unclear the following method can be used. “Another” will refer to the objects other than most recent noun in the text that each fits within the restrictions of the phrase. For example, in Nekima’s Enraged by Insolence Action, “Another friendly Nephilim” will refer to “friendly Nephilim” other than the most recent noun (A friendly Nephilim killed within range), which can refer to any friendly Nephilim (including Nekima) other than the one that was killed. However, there are many instances in Actions or Triggers where no noun was used within the text prior to the “another” phrase, in which case “Another friendly (model)” will refer to models other than the model that is resolving the text, and other uses will refer to models other than the target of the current Action.