Rage Quit Wire
Pete and Chris started the Rage Quit Wire Podcast to discuss tabletop games, but with a twist. The guys were tired of listening to the same boring podcasts talking about the same boring topics. They wanted to create a podcast that shared the rage! Pete and Chris started the podcast with a hand-held recorder, and they have worked their way up to a semi-legit podcast!

Have you ever thought that a model was broken? Have the dice gods ever betrayed you? Have you ever been cheated by an opponent? Then this is the Podcast for you!
Episode Filters
Arcanist Faction Guide
In this episode, Pete talks with Jeremy Peace about the Arcanists faction. We talk about all the key words, what makes them good, what are Jeremy's favorite Masters, and what keywords are great for new players to the faction. Jeremy also gives some great advice and how to read people like a pro poker player!
Bayou Bash
In this Episode, Pete talks with John Fox over the Malifaux faction Bayou. We talk about some of the background of the faction, the keywords, upgrades, best starting masters, and how they line up tournament wise.
Bayou Starter Tactics (Malifaux)
Pete walks through how he is using some of the new Jockey models in Bayou. Which one is your favorite? I'm leaning towards Bo Peep myself!
Bring Out Your Dead
In this episode, Pete talks with Brandon from Atlanta on the Rezzers! They talk about the background of the faction, keywords, favorite combos, and how well they play on the table. This episode is great for new players, players switching factions, or anyone trying to figure out what this faction does on the table.
Guild Faction Guide
In this Episode, Pete talks with Dave Gildea about the Guild Faction in Malifaux. We cover a lot of the fluff, keywords, strategies, and why people like to dog on the guild so much. Great episode for those getting started with guild or interested in playing against guild.
Malifaux Malisaurus rex assembly
this is a cool model!!! check out what Pete has to say about this beast!
Neverborn Faction Guide
Pete sits down with Dixon Tiru to talk about the Neverborn Faction. They talk about why the faction is so feared, and Pete shares what he has been liking about the faction. We discuss all the Masters, upgrades, meta, and background.
Outcast Faction Guide w/Cody Hiatt
In this episode, Pete talks with Cody Hiatt about the Outcast faction. They talk about the background of the Outcasts, keywords, which masters are good for new players, and a lot of top table tech that will help any player playing Malifaux.
Outcasts Starter Tactics (Malifaux)
Pete goes through how you can use the new Outcasts starter box in your outcasts crews and Anya crew. Let me know in the comments how you are using this box in your crews!
Ten Thunders Faction Guide
In this episode, Pete sits down with Landon Sheehan about the Ten Thunders. You need to listen to this one! Landon knows what he's talking about, and he has a lot of great info for new players to Ten Thunders and veterans alike. This one has Pete thinking about switching factions again!