Introduction to Lucius Submitted By Anonymous

LUCIUS MATTHESON is a friendly obey focused control master who brings THE GUILD or NEVERBORN's best card draw and one of the games nicest control/support minions in the game (GUILD LAWYER). With his two keywords, he has obeys and lures, as well as scheme marker hate and condition debuffs. You also have decent access to draw out secrets triggers, which will help you to drop scheme markers where you need them. Because his own obeys work on minions as well as his keyword models, you will sometimes see him taking other high impact minions out of keyword.

Both of Lucius's keywords tend to be quite fragile. The main defense in keyword is Intimidating Authority, which given how often you see Focus in the current meta, is not a defense you should depend on to keep your models on their feet. Your positioning is going to be very important to keeping your models on the board.

Lucius has 2 henchmen, and they do very different things. Neither are auto takes in the keyword, but between Ruthless and Analyze Weakness on AGENT 46 and Diversion and Boring Conversation on ALAN REID, both will have matchups where they can be very useful.

An underrated part of Lucius (credit to Turner for noticing this) is that with his card draw he can really turn on Enforcers because you have the card draw to really get their big triggers going. Some examples include SERENA BOWMAN's Hole in the World, UNDERCOVER REPORTER's Prepared Explosives or NURSE HEARTSBANE's Daze or Coordinated Strike. There are certainly many others.

There are a lot of tricks to be pulled with the Mimic abilities on DOPPLEGANGER or AGENT 46, but don't mistake them for durable beaters. That they are not.

Lucius does have a very good totem (THE SCRIBE), and one that your opponents will learn to target. A stat 6 Dispel Magic is very nice, and his Betrayal aura will really punish an opponents cheats. Finally I've Got Your Back is a really handy ability.