Introduction to Nellie Cochrane Submitted By Anonymous

NELLIE COCHRANE is a speed and debuff control master. She is more durable than most guild masters, thanks to a healthy number of wounds, 6/6 resist stats, a squeal and a reliable heal. She has a crew that looks like it is going to rely on a bubble and a lot of in keyword synergies, but it turns out that while she can play with that, she can also play with the guild all stars, and in fact really likes doing so.

Nellie's keyword (JOURNALIST) is an interesting set. She has two excellent henchmen (henchwomen?) In ALLISON DADE and PHIONA GAGE. Dade plays like a mini Nellie, but with impassioned defense and a really nice set of triggers on her one more question and an interesting hand attack in Blackmail. Phiona is the past guild bae and is not nearly as good at protecting us as she once was. It will require careful positioning if you want to continue in that role in keyword, and out of keyword you won't use her at all.

The UNDERCOVER REPORTER is a good scheming model, one of the potentially fastest models in the faction, and worth considering whenever you are expecting slow minion models. Her minions are really fragile and a little pillow fisted, but have interesting roles that make them worth looking at.

The Exclusive Interview ability is a big part of how the keyword works. Don't miss the fact that most of the keyword lacks an engagement range, but Exclusive Interview can be even better for protecting a Symbol of Authority or other strat marker. Don't rely on it to keep an opponent from picking up your scheme markers though, because it's very easy to create a situation where that is the only option available.
Nellie herself has a back of card that is worth talking about. Slow News Day (and the related Fake News trigger) turns your Distracted conditions to also give Stunned. That is a huge deal. Especially since she can use Get the Story to give out unresisted Distracted.

Nellies Twisting Their Ideals is potentially the strongest attack in the game. You can build for that nuke, but more often you just use it for small to mid amounts of damage when you have the high mask to also make them take a charge against someone.

Because One More Question feeds Nellie focus and cards, unless you are facing Hard to Wound, you will be surprised how often you are hitting for 3 and slow with Nellie herself. She definitely does more damage than opponents expect her to.

Nellie has access to 3 minions, each of which have their places. The NEWSIEs can be focus and card generators for your Journalist bubble, the FIELD REPORTER giving out Distracted and Staggered is a nice debuff, and the FALSE WITNESS has a Betrayal Aura.

Nellie hates crews that easily gain focus or have easy access to plus flips. Don't rely on the negative flips to keep your stuff alive.