Introduction to Perdita Ortega Submitted By Anonymous

PERDITA ORTEGA is a master with some really interesting in keyword abilities, a real hunger for cards, and a keyword who would kill for a defensive ability. They are the exemplars of how a 2/4/5 gun with inconsistent triggers can do either a ton of damage or completely fail you. They will reward positioning and a favorable matchup.

One of the defining abilities of the FAMILY keyword is the "a por el" ability. By giving extra actions to friendly models, you can gain excellent action economy. But it does eat cards, which can leave you vulnerable to discard, execute, and terrifying type abilities.

The other keyword ability is Bravado, which allows you to push towards your enemies when you Concentrate. Getting move and Focus is good, and quite efficient, and can be used to leave engagement without a flip, which is really useful in a keyword with a bunch of guns. The two keyword abilities have an intersection in the Family Values trigger, which can cause models to either draw or take the Concentrate action. To get value from this and "a por el" you will ordinarily need to be within 6", so your positioning will be key.

Perdita herself brings the excellent "Cut Down to Size" and Expert Shot abilities, which will only turn up her ability to get busy killing. Because you will often give her Focus with Family Values or with other abilities, she is one of the few models in the game that can consistently force a severe on a Hard to Wound or Soulstone using model. Perdita can also ruin a scheme marker scheme, though I have found this more relevant for the second point of most schemes than the first (which often only requires one, and it's usually their last activation).

The other two abilities on Perditas card are more situational. Analyze Weakness, which from what I can tell is how Guild is supposed to deal with Armor, is a big cost as a master action. That being said, into something like a Samauri or Golem it can pay off, while getting you a card or Focus for a friend.

The other situational ability is Finger on the Trigger. I have really not seen this one pay off, but I have talked to other people who really like it, so try it for yourself. Since Perdita can't do it if she is engaged, it feels very easy to get messed up to me.

Perditas keyword crew selections have some very hard to analyze pieces. NINO ORTEGA can do both "a por el" and Family Values from any distance, but his gun is the only sniper in the game that I can think of that can't extend it's own range. The tome will help feed your Family Values chain too.

FRANCISCO ORTEGA is relatively durable (for this crew at least) and will often to in as models get closer to devastating effect. SANTIAGO ORTEGA feels like he should be good, but is so fragile that your Grit is hard to get going. But I still want to keep trying him, because that gun is top notch and Deadly Pursuit is really useful. ABUELA ORTEGA is great if you want to lean into the out of activation attacks, and as a cheap significant model. And PAPA LOCO can bring a pretty strong shockwave that you can do a bunch of times if you are playing in keyword (as well as Blow it to Hell, which can be very important for a crew relying on spiking moderate).

The crews minions, the MONSTER HUNTERs and the PISTOLERO DE LATIGOs each have a place too. Monster Hunters play the yoyo pretty well, bravadoing forward, shooting, then using Creep Along to pull back. And Pistoleros are a 4ss minion with Reckless. Both being so fast is important, because they die so easily you have to assume they won't survive first contact.

A big part of why this crew is so fragile is that since every card is an extra action, it's hard to spend to avoid the straight flip. So you have to establish position to keep your models on the board.

Perdita is a master that can both get in keyword models going, but also likes some out of keyword takes. The GUILD LAWYER and GUILD STEWARD for healing and Shielded respectively. I haven't tried her with a model that gives out Injured (PALE RIDER, DR. GRIMWELL, or DOMADOR DE CADAVERES) but I would imagine her crew would appreciate that. That being said, Perdita herself would struggle to capitalize from that, as once they are damaged you can't take advantage of "Cut Down to Size" anymore.

Perditas crew will often not want to go past the center line (though a Pistolero slingshot can do it, as can a Monster Hunter), so keep that in mind as you select schemes.

I found Perdita to reward repeated play to get the positioning and hand management game figured out with her. There's a reason that she is one is Malifaux's premier characters, so enjoy her as you play.