Berserker Husk

Station: MINION


Keyword(s): CADMUS

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Q. Cadmus – If a model with We Are Legion has full Health and Heals, can it reduce the amount Healed and pass it to other nearby friendly Cadmus models? Can it pass this Healing to a model Healed by another We Are Legion effect this Activation?*
A. No. We Are Legion cannot be used if a model already is at full Health model as if a model has full Health any additional Healing is ignored (see Healing Pg 25). Additionally, We Are Legion cannot be used to Heal another model if that model has already been affected by We Are Legion that Activation, even if it was affected by a different model’s We Are Legion Ability as “this Ability” refers to all instances of We Are Legion across all models.
Q. If a model that has already Activated has the option to Activate again, such as with the Adrift in Time Ability, can that model choose not to Activate a second time until Connected Conscience is used, then Activate after Nexus?
A. No. Connected Conscience will always happen after every other model’s final Activation (if any).
Q. If a model that can move through models Pushes toward another model, can it Push completely through the other model?
A. Yes. For example, when Samael Hopkins uses Creep Along on the Purifying Flame he can choose his reference points such that he moves as depicted below so long as he has enough movement to end the Push in base contact with, but not overlapping, the Purifying Flame’s base: [Image not Available]