Station: MASTER


Keyword(s): CADMUS

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Errata History
° Citizens of Malifaux Action added wording “Models
summoned this way are treated as having already Activated
this Turn and neither player gains any Pass Tokens.” and
limited to up to 3 friendly Scheme or Web Markers.
° Omnipresent Influence Ability range adjusted from 12" to
° Citizens of Malifaux Stat increased from 6 to 7 and TN
increased from 8 to 10.
° Sz stat increased from 2 to 3.
° Severe Injury Trigger replaced with Blood Loss.
° Siphon Life Trigger replaced with Tear Off a Bite. -February 2022
Q. Will of Cadmus – Can a Cadmus model relent when targeted by an Action of a model under the effects of the Parasitic Grasp Ability?
A. No. Relenting requires both models to be friendly to each other (pg 10). Models under the effects of Parasitic Grasp do not treat enemy Cadmus models as friendly and as such neither model can relent in an opposed duel between the two.