Colette Du Bois - Smuggler


Station: MASTER

Faction(s): ARCANISTS

Keyword(s): PERFORMER

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Q. Colette Du Bois, Smuggler – If Colette, Smuggler targets a Mechanical Dove that was Summoned this Turn with the Routine Performance Action thus treating the Dove as Colette for the duration of the Action, can that model (Decoy Colette) take the Interact action even though as a dove it was summoned this Turn?
A. Yes. For the duration of the Action the Decoy Colette is not the Dove/Marker but is instead Colette and shares Health, Conditions, and Tokens with the original Colette. The Dove/Marker is not considered to be in play for the duration of the action. The Decoy Colette does have its own base contact, engagement range, and LoS and is moved independently from the original Colette, as such, effects such as auras that rely on position only affect Decoy Colette if it is within range of that effect.