Coryphee Duet


Faction(s): ARCANISTS


Characteristic(s): CONSTRUCT

Q. If the Coryphee Duet takes the Dance Apart Action during its Activation, are both Coryphee considered to have Activated?
A. If the Coryphee Duet has not yet Activated (pg. 21) when it takes the Dance Apart Action, then neither Coryphee is considered to have Activated (pg. 33), although whichever Coryphee is continuing the Duet’s Activation will be considered to have Activated at the end of the current Activation as normal. This can result in the Coryphee Duet having two Activations in a single Turn if the second Coryphee that has not yet Activated uses Dance Together during its own Activation. When this happens, the new Duet may continue the current Activation, even though the new Duet is considered to have Activated.