Station: MINION

Faction(s): OUTCASTS

Keyword(s): TORMENTED

Characteristic(s): UNDEAD

Q. Are two Abilities that are prefaced by the same text (before parenthesis) the same Ability?
A. No. Abilities such as Demise (Eternal) and Demise (Dead Horse) are two separate Abilities and can both affect a model at a single time. There are some effects that specify Demise Abilities, which affect all abilities prefaced by Demise.
Q. Cursed Objects – Can a Tormented model take the Interact Action to place one of its Curse Tokens on a friendly Guilty, using the Guilty as Charged Ability?
A. No. The friendly Guilty is not treated as an enemy model for the purposes of Strategies or Schemes.
Q. Torment - If a model gains an Upgrade during the same Activation it was damaged by a model with Torment, will the model with Torment draw a card at the end of the Activation?
A. Yes. At the end of a model with the Torment Ability’s Activation, it checks all models it damaged during that Activation. If any models damage currently have an Upgrade, the model with Torment will draw a card