Metal Golem


Faction(s): ARCANISTS


Characteristic(s): CONSTRUCT

Q. Are two Abilities that are prefaced by the same text (before parenthesis) the same Ability?
A. No. Abilities such as Demise (Eternal) and Demise (Dead Horse) are two separate Abilities and can both affect a model at a single time. There are some effects that specify Demise Abilities, which affect all abilities prefaced by Demise.
Q. If an effect prevents a model from Dropping Markers when killed, would it Drop Markers as a result of Demise Abilities such as Demise (Excess Material)?
A. No.
Q. If the Grave Goo is within range of an Aura Terrain that only affects “enemy models,” such as Vent Steam, do models the Grave Goo considers an enemy treat the Aura Terrain as Hazardous from the Trail of Slime Ability?
A. Yes. The Grave Goo is considered to be in base contact with the terrain, and enemy models will treat the Aura Terrain as Hazardous (Damage 1 and Poison +1), even though they are not affected by the normal Hazardous damage of Vent Steam.