Sparks LeBlanc


Faction(s): BAYOU


Characteristic(s): LIVING

Errata History
Gained Command Construct -Hidden
Now a Henchman.
Scrapyard Mines changed from creating an aura around Scrap Markers to treating Scrap Markers as Pit Trap Markers.
Pack with Explosives Action removed.
“Now Yer a Robot” no longer a Bonus Action, gained additional effect to allow removing Scrap Markers for +
to the Action.
Under Pressure and Burnout Triggers replaced with Galvanize and Pack with Explosives. -Gaining Grounds 2
Q. If an effect such as Scamper which resolves “after the current Action or Ability” would be generated during an Ability within an Action when will it resolve, after the Ability or after the entire Action?
A. After resolving the entire Action. The timing of “After resolving the current Action or Ability” for Scamper (and other similarly worded effects) resolves when no Action or Ability is currently resolving. If there is any instance where this would resolve and there is no currently resolving Action or Ability, it resolves immediately