Mindless Zombie

Station: MINION


Keyword(s): ZOMBIE

Characteristic(s): UNDEAD VERSATILE

Q. Dr. McMourning, Insanitary – What happens if Dr. McMourning uses his Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Ability when a Mindless Zombie was removed as a Corpse Marker? If McMourning removes a Scheme Marker, is the Scheme Marker he Drops friendly to McMourning?
A. The Mindless Zombie would be killed by its Walking Dead Ability, removed from the table, and McMourning could either choose to draw a card or Drop a single Corpse Marker. Since the Ability states to Drop “the removed Marker”, if McMourning used the Ability on an enemy Scheme Marker, the Dropped Scheme Marker would be an enemy Scheme Marker, and vice versa.