Popcorn Turner


Faction(s): BAYOU

Keyword(s): TRI-CHI

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Q. Both the Burning and Poison Condition have a maximum damage of 5, can this damage be further increased by effect which increase the damage a model suffers from these conditions such as Alcohol Poisoning?
A. No. Effects such as Alcohol Poisoning directly increase the damage from the condition, which cannot be increased beyond its maximum of 5.
Q. If during Step 1 of a model’s Activation (pg. 21 - resolving Start of Activation effects) if it would be affected by a new Start of Activation effect (such as by moving into another friendly model’s Healing Draughts’
) does it resolve the new effect?
A. No. Effects that resolve when a model Activates in Step 1 (such as On the Move, Life Leech, Goad Witchling, etc.) are generated at the start of Step 1 before resolving any effects. If a model would generate another effect that would normally resolve during this step, the effect is not generated.