Station: MINION

Faction(s): TEN THUNDERS

Keyword(s): TRI-CHI

Characteristic(s): LIVING VERSATILE

Errata History
Df (
) “I’m a Teapot”
no longer moves the Tanuki.
Sober Up Action replaced with Lifting Spirits.
Foul Mouthed Motivation gained Smashed Trigger.
“Don’t Drink That” changed to “Enemy models treat Scheme Markers within
6 as Hazardous (Poison +1).” -Gaining Grounds 2
Cultural Connections
Japanese Raccoon Dog - Also known as the tanuki, it is a species of canid endemic to Japan. Within Japanese folklore, the tanuki have had a significant role since ancient times. The legendary tanuki are reputed to be mischievous and jolly, masters of disguise and shapeshifting but somewhat gullible and absentminded. The animals have also been common in Japanese art, particularly as subjects for statues.