Sabertooth Cerberus

Station: MINION

Faction(s): ARCANISTS

Keyword(s): CHIMERA

Characteristic(s): BEAST

Errata History
° Cost reduced from 8 to 7.
° Health reduced from 8 to 7.
° Terrifying (11) Ability increased to Terrifying (12).
° Savage Bite Action stat reduced from 6 to 5.
° Stalk Prey Action rewritten into a Tactical, Bonus Action. No longer applies Adversary as a base effect, but ignores range. Gained Sudden Strike and Singled Out Triggers.
° Leap Action removed. -July 2023
Q. If a model has multiple Abilities that resolve after it is targeted (such as Terrifying (X), Protected (X), or another model’s Take the Hit Ability) can it resolve more than one?
A. Yes. When a model is targeted all effects that would resolve are generated at the same time and can be resolved in any order (as per Simultaneous Effects on Pg 34). However, some effects may change the target of the Action, in which case that new model is not targeted and as such those effects aren’t generated a second time. Additionally, abilities such as Manipulative that affect Actions that target “this model” only apply to those Actions that are still targeting that model. For example, if a model with Take the Hit changes the target of an Action to itself, it would not benefit from any of the initial target’s Abilities such as Manipulative that require the Action to target “this model”, nor could it benefit from more of its own abilities that resolve when it is targeted (such as Terrifying).
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