Station: MINION


Keyword(s): REVENANT


Errata History
Flaming Fury Stat changed from 5 to 6
Health reduced from 9 to 8.
Demise (Possessing Flame) Heal reduced by from 3 to 2.
The Final Veil replaced with Flaming Body.
Undead Characteristic removed.
Hovering Flame Stat increased from 6 to 7.
Gained Drag Along Trigger on Hovering Flame. -Gaining Grounds 2
Q. Are two Abilities that are prefaced by the same text (before parenthesis) the same Ability?
A. No. Abilities such as Demise (Eternal) and Demise (Dead Horse) are two separate Abilities and can both affect a model at a single time. There are some effects that specify Demise Abilities, which affect all abilities prefaced by Demise.