Station: MINION

Faction(s): TEN THUNDERS

Keyword(s): RETAINER

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Q. Face in the Crowd - Face in the Crowd states: “If this model is within 3" of one or more models, it gains Cover”. Does this include itself?
A. No. For this specific Ability, this is a typo, and should read: “If this model is within 3" of one or more other models, it gains Cover”.
Q. Does Hard to Kill reduce the damage taken for the purposes of irreducible damage?
A. No. Hard to Kill prevents a model’s Health from being reduced and does not reduce damage.
Q. Hard to Kill – If a model has 2 Health remaining, can it choose to suffer 2 damage from the Necrotic Decay Trigger to increase its damage by +2 because its Hard to Kill Ability will keep it alive?
A. Any damage that would be suffered in excess due to Hard to Kill is ignored for all game effects, including costs. For example, if the Rogue Necromancy has 2 Health remaining and chooses to suffer 2 damage when declaring the Necrotic Decay Trigger, it would suffer 1 damage before Hard to Kill applies, the excess 1 damage would be ignored, and Necrotic Decay would only increase its damage by +1.