Yan Lo - The Spirit Walker

Title For: YAN LO





Errata History
Hole in the World Trigger replaced with Knock Aside.
Spirit Guide Trigger replaced with Preparations.
Ancient Anchor adjusted to "After Deployment, Attach the Reliquary (Yan Lo) Upgrade to a friendly Retainer Minion or Soul Porter in play. After a friendly model with a Reliquary (Yan Lo) Upgrade ends a move from a General Action this model is Placed within
1 of it."
Lingering Voices no longer gives +
Df stat reduced from 6 to 5.
Clear the Path replaced with Spirit Guide, "Once per Activation. After a friendly Retainer Minion or Soul Porter Attaches a Reliquary Upgrade, draw a card."
Final Wishes TN increased from 10 to 12 and stat increased from 6 to 7. Gained +
Guard Reliquary can choose to Attach Yan Lo's Upgrade but cannot Attach Upgrades to Yan Lo himself. Range increased to
A Weary Road Action replaced with Choose a Path.
Terrible Wish made into an Immediately Trigger and adjusted choose an enemy text to Italics. -November 2022
Q. If a model suffers damage from a Trigger, is that damage considered to also be from the Action that generated the Trigger?
A. Yes. Effects from Triggers are additional effects of the Action. Thus, Abilities such as Incorporeal that modify the effects of certain Actions would also modify the effects of their Triggers.
Q. Sonnia Criid - Does Incorporeal reduce damage from Sonnia’s Scorched the Soul Action?
A. Yes. The damage from Scorch the Soul is both from the Burning Condition and from an Attack Action. Any modifiers from both sources affect the Action (such as Incorporeal and Flaming Body).
Q. If an Action’s Trigger lists a model by name, Summons a model, or Attaches an Upgrade is the action itself considered to do those same things for effects such as Obey?
A. No. However, the Trigger which lists a model by name, Summons a model, or Attaches an Upgrade is treated as blank and cannot be declared if the action was generated by an effect such as Obey.