Sun Quiang


Faction(s): TEN THUNDERS

Keyword(s): RETAINER

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Errata History
King of Medicine changed to Once per Activation and gives Shielded instead of Healing.
Df Stat reduced from 7 to 6.
Yin and Yang changed to “Target gains Distracted +1. If the target is within 1" of a friendly Ancestor or a friendly model with a Reliquary Upgrade Attached, this model may instead have the target gain Focused +1.” -Gaining Grounds 2
Q. If during Step 1 of a model’s Activation (pg. 21 - resolving Start of Activation effects) if it would be affected by a new Start of Activation effect (such as by moving into another friendly model’s Healing Draughts’
) does it resolve the new effect?
A. No. Effects that resolve when a model Activates in Step 1 (such as On the Move, Life Leech, Goad Witchling, etc.) are generated at the start of Step 1 before resolving any effects. If a model would generate another effect that would normally resolve during this step, the effect is not generated.