Pandora - Tyrant-torn

Title For: PANDORA

Station: MASTER

Faction(s): NEVERBORN

Keyword(s): WOE

Characteristic(s): LIVING

Errata History
Aspect of Fortune Ability may now provide a
to Df duels.
No Shelter Here aura size reduced from
3 to
Expose Fears Ability is once per Activation.
Gained Heed No Fear Ability. -November 2022
Q. Luck Thief – Does the Luck Thief Ability apply before or after
modifiers cancel each other out?
A. Before. Modifiers to a duel (such as from Focused, Concealment, etc…) are generated during Step A of performing duels (pg. 10). Luck Thief immediately applies to any
modifier generated changing it to a
modifier. Then, the duel proceeds to Step B, at which point
modifiers would normally cancel each other out.
Q. Luck Thief – What does “opposed duels and damage flips against this model,” mean? Does Luck Thief apply if the model with Luck Thief is either attacking or being attacked, or only when it is being attacked?
A. Luck Thief will apply any time the model is in an opposed duel with an enemy, whether it is the initiating model or the target.