Capital City Crew Podcast
Information and in depth tactical reviews of Malifaux crews.
Explorers Primer (Part 1)
Join us as we discuss the Explorers Society, specifically Frontier, EVS, Seeker, and Cadmus in this Episode!
Explorers Primer (Part 2)
Join us as we review the Wastrel, Apex, Syndicate, and Dua/Umbra as well as the Upgrades and Versatile models in the faction.
Frontier (Basse)
Join us as we discuss the Frontier Keyword, as well as tips and tricks to get the best out of this crew.
New Year, New Cadmus, New You!
Join us as we discuss the bugs of Malifaux, and join Josh as he gets steadily more irritated at us calling them bugs, and not Arachnids!
Urami (Kirai)
We recorded this episode earlier in our podcast, but chose to delay it in favor of Explorer's Society. Although, what better time than to release Kirai and her Lost Love, Ajax, than for Valentines Day? We hope you enjoy our Kirai Tactica.