Capital City Crew Podcast
Information and in depth tactical reviews of Malifaux crews.
Apex (Lord Cooper and Huntmaster)
Join us as we hang with Mr. (Lord) Cooper! Learn about the man himself in both his original and new an improved Huntmaster format.
Explorers Primer (Part 1)
Join us as we discuss the Explorers Society, specifically Frontier, EVS, Seeker, and Cadmus in this Episode!
Explorers Primer (Part 2)
Join us as we review the Wastrel, Apex, Syndicate, and Dua/Umbra as well as the Upgrades and Versatile models in the faction.
Frontier (Basse)
Join us as we discuss the Frontier Keyword, as well as tips and tricks to get the best out of this crew.
Honeypot (Jacob Lynch)
Join us and our guest Landon as we discuss the Honeypot keyword. We also discuss Wanyudo in our 10 minute tech talk. You may notice that our episode is a little shorter, this is because we went back to our original roots of the show and cut out reading card abilities to people to focus more on tactics. Let us know how you like the format.
New Year, New Cadmus, New You!
Join us as we discuss the bugs of Malifaux, and join Josh as he gets steadily more irritated at us calling them bugs, and not Arachnids!
Savage (Euripedes)
Join us as we discuss the Savage keyword and their frigid outlook on Malifaux. Do you like the Black Blood Shaman in a Euripedes crew? Why or Why not? What are your feelings on a Candy bomb?
Swampfiend (Zoraida)
Join us as we discuss the Swampfiend keyword and and how Zoraida makes the Malifaux community obey. Do you like our new Speed Strats segment? Do you have a better name for it? Let us know!
Syndicate (Anya)
Join us as Josh, the Adequate Man, tells us his experience with Anya and our 10 Minute Tech Talk - Wrath....
TriChi (Brewmaster 1 and 2)
Welcome to the cursed episode!!! Everything that could have gone wrong this episode did... This episode took two weeks to edit, but it's now live for your listening pleasure.
Urami (Kirai)
We recorded this episode earlier in our podcast, but chose to delay it in favor of Explorer's Society. Although, what better time than to release Kirai and her Lost Love, Ajax, than for Valentines Day? We hope you enjoy our Kirai Tactica.