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Euripides and the Savage Crew
Join Craig and his guests (Sam and Patrick) breakdown Euripides and the Savage keyword for Malifaux 3rd Edition. What can you expect from this keyword? How to they play? What are key models to consider? What are they afraid of? We give a nice overview of the crew and keyword.
Euripides: Malifaux Deep Dive with Ambrose and Lewis - ep.141
Join Craig and his expert guests as they break down Euripides and the Savage keyword.
Hiring Crews in Malifaux Third Edition
Join us as we cover the process, rules and restrictions for hiring crews in Malifaux 3rd edition. A great overview for 2e veterans and those new to Malifaux. We go over the steps as well as give some tips to consider as you put your list together.
Maifaux: Neverborn Pool Party
Join Craig and the cast as they analyze the Neverborn Faction for Malifaux by Wyrd Games
Malifaux Arcanist Pool Party
Join Craig and the cast as they analyze the Arcanist Faction for Malifaux by Wyrd Games
Malifaux Deep Dive: Mei Feng and the Foundry - ep. 94
Join Craig as his guests (Brandon Lynch and Jeremy Peace) give in-depth analysis and advice on Mei Feng and the Foundry crew for Malifaux. They explain their core crews, must-take models, key plays, and strategies along with secrets on how to counter them.
Malifaux Deep Dive: Perdita and the Family Crew - ep.118
Join Craig, and his guests, as they breakdown the Malifaux master Perdita Ortega and the Family keyword.
Malifaux Deep Dive: Reva - ep.126
Join Craig, and his guests Bryan Bauer and Ewan Bailey-Thiele, as they break down Reva and her keyword. What does she do on the table? What are good models to hire into her crew? How do you counter her?
Malifaux Faction Analysis: Bayou Pool Party
Join Craig and the cast as they analyze the Bayou Faction for Malifaux by Wyrd Games
Malifaux Faction Analysis: Resurrectionist Pool Party
Join Craig and the cast as they analyze the Resurrectionist Faction for Malifaux by Wyrd Games
Malifaux: English Ivan Deep Dive - ep. 151
Join Craig and his guests as they dive into the Malifaux Master, English Ivan.
Parker Barrows: Malifaux Deep Dive with Cody and Manuel - ep.135
Join Craig and his guests, Cody and Manuel, as they break down Parker and the Bandit crew for Malifaux.
Playing Malifaux Online
Join Craig as his guests, Dan Brown and Steve Johnston, discuss how anyone can play Malifaux online with anyone in the world. They explain how to install and run Vassal, how to find a game and some of the key features of the program. Vassal is a way to get in more games and play people outside your meta. Stick around to the end when we discuss some of the hot topics that came out of the English GT.
Pregame Planning
Learn how Craig decides on what crew to take (based on the pool), what schemes to select, and coming up with the best path to victory. He talks through preparation for an upcoming match.
Toni Ironsides (Arcanists) Deep Dive
Join Craig as his guest, Doug Broman, reveals how to get the most from Toni Ironsides and the M&SU crew. What models make up the core crew? What models does she bring in for certain pools? What strategies does this crew excel in? How can someone beat them? Opponents will want to pay attention or she will get you caught in the ring and leave with a win.
What Faction Matches your Play Style?
Join Craig and Ray as they break down each faction and master in Malifaux 3rd edition based on different play styles. Are you looking for simple or complex crews? Killy or control? What factions and masters are the most fun? Where do you go for high-mobility crews? They will help you match your preferred play style to the right faction and masters. This is a great episode to share with friends that are new to Malifaux or Third Edition.